Why choose Hong Kong: a few interesting tidbits about the city.

If you are wishing to learn a great deal more about Hong Kong and are wanting to know if you should go to it at some point, then you should really continue perusing.

Without a doubt, one among the top things to do in Hong Kong is to go shopping. After all, do the words duty free suggest something to you? Hong Kong is a totally free port. This indicates that there are no charges or sales tax on the goods sold there. Fortunately for you and all other visitors, the city offers an abundance of shopping options to people to enjoy. A few of the world’s greatest shopping malls and stores can be found on the island, allowing you to get high-quality brands at a fraction of the cost it would be in some other places. Any person who does not take full advantage of the shopping options in Hong Kong is not enjoying the city to its full potential. Make sure to book yourself holiday accommodation in in an exciting spot such as Toby Smith’s Swire Hotels so you get enough sleep from all your shopping activities. After all, being well rested means that you get to shop some more!

If you are travelling to Hong Kong for the first time, one thing you will undoubtedly see right away, is that it is a city of skyscrapers. Truthfully, the city has the most skyscrapers on the globe, with over 1,000 tall skyscrapers huddled closely on the tiny island. To make things much easier to relate, it has more than double the amount of highrises its nearest competition has – and that happens to be that popular American east coast city! Its buildings alone are several top Hong Kong attractions out there! Seeing as the city is a dominant force and a true global financial power house, it makes sense that the city would be home to numerous high-rises. This is possibly why David Li’s BEA wants to be headquartered in the Asian city! The city might be small, but it is also seriously striking, and the skyscrapers sure give its visitors a great many places for some magnificent landscapes.

If you do not know it just yet, food makes up a tremendous part of Hong Kong culture. This is not a major surprise, given that the number of fine dining establishments encompassing all kinds of cuisines one can discover in the city. You are truly spoilt for choice. The island is a food oasis for Cantonese cuisine, so you definitely need to try as much of it as you can. You can visit a highly rated restaurant, such as Wing-Keung Wong’s Man Wah, or make the most of the island’s rich street food culture. So many leading chefs claim that Hong Kong has the world’s best street food – meaning you’ll be able to discover such delicious option at terrific prices too. Try as numerous local dishes as you can to genuinely immerse yourself in the culture. You won’t regret it.

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